Vodka can be made from any plant rich in sugar or starch, but high quality vodka is produced from grain spirits, such as wheat or oat spirits, that are considered the best GomiVodka products. GomiVodka products are made from highest quality spirits. This determines high quality of products, offered to consumers. One of the main ingredients in vodka production, that considerably affects its quality is water. Water for vodka selected from Caucasus Mountain Springs. It has zero hardness and is ionized before blending. Five step carbon columns with coconut sapwood coal are used for filtration of vodka. Filters give vodka special aroma and taste, that distinguishes it from liquids passed through filters with other tree variety coals. Softened in carbon columns and brought to desired conditions vodka undergoes final filtration in silver, golden and platinum filters. Liquid treated in these filters becomes very stable and gives vodka specific mildness. Along with ingredients, very important factor for making good vodka is recipe. Modern Vodka-makers have a dilemma of making ideally balanced vodka, that is crystal pure and still doesn’t lose the character of ingredients, from which it is made. GomiVodka products are made according to special recipes, that make mildness and taste of vodka balanced


GomiVodka products are produced according to special recipes, that give them ideal balance of mildness and taste.


Zero hardness spring water from Caucasus Ridge are used in GomiVodka products. This very tasty spring water is naturally soft and doesn’t need addition of chemicals.


For its products, GomiVodka uses its own alcohol made from Georgian wheat with variegated and unique flavors.


History of Georgian wheat is as old as that of Georgian grapes and wine. Country is considered the cradle of wheat. There are 23 cultural varieties of wheat, from which 14 are endemic(native) to Georgia, such as: Dika, Asli, Tavtukhi, Ipkli and others. Georgian wheat varieties differ from others by unique qualities: resistance to cold, drought and pests, stability of yield, excellent taste and diversity. GomiVodka is only vodka using local Georgian wheat. Georgian wheat is known for its diversity and unique taste. GomiVodka products are produced from highest quality Georgian wheat spirits.


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